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Posted by noob93 On 9 月 - 10 - 2011



  1. Fixed a queue point exploit (VoiDeD is mean)
  2. HHH has backstab/death sound now
  3. First rounds are normal arena
    1. Some weapon replacements still apply!
    2. Teambalance is still off, too.
  4. Fixed arena_ maps not switching teams occasionally
    1. After 3 rounds with a team, has a chance to switch
    2. Will add a cvar to keep Hale always blue/force team, soon
  5. Fixed pit damage


  1. Sounds are not .mdl more, they are .wav
  2. Fixed minor issue about /halemusic


  1. CBS music.
  2. Soldiers minicrit Hale while he’s in midair.
  3. Direct Hit crits where it would minicrit
  4. Reserve Shooter has faster weapons switch and +10% damage
  5. Added hale_stop_music for admins to stop current music for all players.
  6. FaN and Scout crit knockback is lessened
  7. Your halemusic/halevoice settings are saved


  1. MEGA UPDATE! Check next few pages
  3. Updated CBS model
  4. Fixed last man alive sound
  5. Removed broken hale line, fixed one
  6. New HHH rage sound
  7. HHH music (/halemusic)
  8. CBS jump noise
  9. /halevoice and /halemusic to turn off voice/music
  10. Updated natives/forwards (can change rage dist in fwd)
  11. hale_crits cvar to turn off hale random crits
  12. Fixed sentries not repairing when raged
  13. – Set hale_ragesentrydamagemode 0 to force engineer to pick up sentry to repair
  14. Now uses sourcemod autoconfig (tf/cfg/sourcemod/)
  15. No longer requires saxton_hale_points.cfg file
  16. – Now using clientprefs for queue points
  17. When on non-VSH map, team switch does not occur so often.
  18. Should have full replay compatibility
  19. Bots work with queue, are Hale less often
  20. Hale’s health increased by 1 (in code)
  21. Many many many many many fixes
  22. Crossbow +150% damage +10 uber on hit
  23. Syringegun has overdose speed boost
  24. Sniper glow time scales with charge (2 to 8 seconds)
  25. Eyelander/reskins add heads on hit
  26. Axetinguisher/reskins use fire axe attributes
  27. GRU/KGB is +50% speed but -7hp/s
  28. Airblasting boss adds rage (no airblast reload though)
  29. Airblasting uber vagineer adds time to uber and takes extra ammo
  30. Frontier Justice allowed, crits only when sentry sees Hale
  31. Boss weighdown (look down + crouch) after 5 seconds in midair
  32. FaN is back
  33. Scout crits/minicrits do less knockback if not melee
  34. Saxton has his own fists
  35. Unlimited /halehp but after 3, longer cooldown
  36. Fist kill icons
  37. Fixed CBS arrow count (start at 9, but if less than 9 players, uses only that number of players)
  38. Spy primary minicrits
  39. Dead ringer fixed
  40. Flare gun replaced with detonator. Has large jump but more self-damage (like old detonator beta)
  41. Eternal Reward backstab disguises as random faster classes
  42. Kunai adds 60 health on backstab
  43. Randomizer compatibility.
  44. Medic uber works as normal with crits added (multiple targets, etc)
  45. Crits stay when being healed, but adds minicrits too (for sentry, etc)
  46. Fixed Sniper back weapon replacement
  47. Vagineer NOPE and Well Don’t That Beat All!
  48. Telefrags do 9001 damage
  49. Speed boost when healing scouts (like Quick-Fix)
  50. Rage builds (VERY slowly) if there are only Scouts left
  51. Healing assist damage split between healers
  52. Fixed backstab assist damage
  53. Fixed HHH attacking during tele
  54. Soldier boots - 1/10th fall damage
  55. AND MORE! (I forget all of them)






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